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Memory seat not working along with power mirrors

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Hello all,
its been a while since i posted but here is an intermittent problem that I've had with my 2013 JX35. 15K Miles on it now and for the past month the driver seat do no return to their original position when you start the truck. Also the memory seats no longer function/light up, and the power mirror controls are in operative.
I was worried about going to the dealer since the problem is so "ON/OFF" and i didn't want the track handed back to me with them saying "there you go, its fixed"
So the update as of today:
Infiniti of Massepequa NY contacted me today and explained to me that they had to replace the "brain" of the car. I am not sure if she meant the main ECU or if there is a separate control module for all the electronic gizmos in the truck.
Has anyone had this problem? the work is covered under warranty but just worried if it happens again when the warranty is over.


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Hi blueraj.
We haven't experienced this issue. We've logged about 8000 miles on our QX60 with no electrical issues ('knock on wood')

Thanks for posting to let us know of the issue and subsequent fix.
Hopefully it's not a widespread issue, which so far it doesn't seem to be so.
I'm afraid I'm experiencing this with my car now. It's got 28k miles. Thanks for posting. So at least now I know it's something that I have to take to the dealer.
This somehow resolved this issue:
1> Start the car using keyless remote
2> go inside JX, and try shifting from park to drive (this will shut the engine off)
3> exit the JX, lock doors, and start engine again using keyless remote
4> enter JX, this time, hit brake/start button

This somehow got the mirrors and memory seat buttons to work again!
Side Mirrors and Seat Memory

Was having the same problem. Those directions worked!
Fixed power mirror problem

This also got my mirrors working again. Frightening to think the electrical system can get it self into such a predicament
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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