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Max liner Floor Mats

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Just installed these MaxLiner all-weather floor mats. Less expensive the Weathertechs by about $150 for the fullest including 3rd row and cargo area. Front fits well but the cargo liner doesn't bend when putting up the 3rd row seats. Will have to see how they hold but they look pretty good. $287 shipped.


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They look great, thanks for the pics. A few weeks back I got a free set of used Weathertechs for my old Infiniti M and fell in love with them. Now i'm looking for a set that'll fit my QX60... will have to mull these over.

I'm assuming you have to remove the rear mat when folding up the 3rd row?
haha... Maxliner called our vehicle "INFINITY".....

Anyone know if Weathertechs cargo mats bend when folding the 3rd row?
The weathertechs were @$430+ with the cargo liner, so I went with these. I assumed the would have s bend in them but no such luck. We don't have a constant need for the third row, so hopefully it's just a minor inconvenience.
I was in the market for some all weather mats as well and locked in on these OE all weather floor mats for $143.75
Before I bought my weather techs I actually bought max liner for my QX60, I found 2nd and 3rd row mats very flimsy so I returned them and got Weather Techs. IMO 3rd row liner is useless. Since there are no anchors to keep it place it moves around easily. Mostly due 3rd row floor design.
So far so good and they look nice. Still might have to replace the back liner at some point
Thanks, I was looking precisely for that part, the cargo liner that includes 3rd row and folds when row is in used.
the part list was updated as replaced by:

same price

It being my first post , didn't allow me to post the link, so look for "999C3-R2104" part
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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