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M37 Wheels on a qx60

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Im thinking about putting the M37 20s on my qx60 .. I think it should fit but not sure little help ?? I think it would look clean with oem look.. Im also looking to mod fx50 infinti AKEBONO calipers front and rear .. I notice there isn't much mods for our cars ,, I have attach a picture of the wheels and calipers

2012 M37 20" wheels specs
20 X 9
bolt pattern 5 X 114.5
offset 50mm

2014 QX60 20" wheels specs
20 X 7.5
bolt pattern 5 X 114.5
offset 50mm


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It should definitely fit with stock brakes - it still might with an FX50 big brake kit since the 20" wheels on the M are made to accommodate the sport brakes on the 'S' model M's.

I'm pretty sure the hub bore is the same but you should double check.

The only thing I would be worried about is load rating on each wheel - remember the QX is heavier and the load exerted on each wheel needs to be looked at (not just overall weight).

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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