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Lift Kit anyone

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Hey - I just dumped my F150 for a 14 qx60 hybrid AWD (feeling guilty about all the gas I was burning). Anyways - was wondering if anyone heard of a QX60 or JX35 doing a one inch or two inch lift? I have seen adverts for a one inch drop, but not a lift. Oh I have the 20 inch wheels. Apologize in advance as this is my first post (ever). Newbi in Fl:crying:
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I haven't seen any postings to this effect on this or the JX forum.
Do things like this and you'll begin to feel guily again as it'll use more gas, lol. Well, at least at highway speeds.

As Bob noted, I have not seen posts about this on here or the jx forums as well. But hey, you could be the first if you do it! :)
I'd watch the Mallfinder forums. You're much more likely to see people doing this to their cars there, rather than here. Underpinnings of both cars are pretty similar so if someone figures it out on the PF, it will most likely work on the QX60.
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