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2020 QX60 AWD Signature Edition
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The 39-month lease on our 2018 QX60 was just about up, so we had been looking at several SUVs with newer designs to replace it, including Highlander, CX-9, Sorento, and RX350. There were things we liked about all of them, but unfortunately each had a couple things we didn't like: From seat width and comfort, to small front doors and armrests, to road noise, to a transmission with intrusive shifts.

On the way home from our last test drive, my wife suggested I contact our Infiniti salesman. (Yes, he still works there!) So I shot him an e-mail asking for a lease price on a 2020 QX60 Signature AWD. To my surprise he came back with a payment that was >$100 less than our current lease, with only the first month's payment due up front. We drove it, liked it, and even got him to make the first payment because we still had three weeks left on our old lease! Turns out the capitalized value was less than any of the cars we had looked at. Another reason the payment is so low is we are paying zero sales tax due to Infiniti having Texas sales tax credits. I don't know exactly how this works, but I have heard about it in the past.

Bottom line, it's an old design but still looks current and drives as well as or better any of the newer design SUVs we tested. I fully expect to hear from my dealer again in 36 months or less about trading up to the next generation QX60. A friend leased four M35/Q70 cars over the years, and said Infiniti always made him offers he couldn't refuse near the end of a lease. But he finally stopped leasing when they discontinued the Q70.
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