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Just want to say hello
We put deposit on grey / graffiti jx35 every possible option loaded to the grill )
37k miles lease return
I was hunting this kind of car for the last month, hope to get it in 1 2 weeks
after recall fix
The mail objects to me when getting other car
Warranty intact
Cpo is a must
Fully loaded
One owner , no rent cars
Some dealer work is a plus
Brakes , tires upgrade is a plus

Reading forum to be familiar with this car
Prior cars
2003 Bmw e39 530i
2010 Bmw 335i
2010 Bmw 550i m sport
2010 mb coupe e350

Current cars
2010 infiniti fx35
Hope to get 2013 infiniti jx35


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QX60/JX35 washer pump replacement congratulation u finally found one !

My wife told me during winter time that no water coming to my windshield for both real and front
I spent some time re-searching forum ( yaa nothing FTW noone has washer pump failure ?? ) so it took me some time to fix it myself
Here is the story :
1.There are 2 fuses u will need to check , one is inside engine and one is in salon
Google and u will find them or just look for fused under washer motor name
In my case all 2 fused were OK so i started to dig dipper into washer pump.
2. Washer pump location is on the right site near the right wheel.
U will need to raise u car and remove right wheel.
Then u will need to remove the fender cover . I didnt remove entire cover as u will see on attached pictures .
I only released and pushed up the lower part of cover to have enough space to reach my washer pump .
Remove washer pump and test it with 12v small battery ,- my was dead , cool i found the problem :)
3. Ok after digging down your problem to the washer pump u will think what the deal , just get on ebay one for $20 and u are done ... WRONG ..
These M.F. infiniti engineers ( i have no other words sorry ) probably think that who ever buy infiniti didnt pay them enough ,- u can NOT find the pump number anywhere
( see picture ) , the only replacement they have is ENTIRE washer module with tank, cables, washer pump , yadda , yadda , like $170-$200,- what the crap its just washer pump no ???
long story short i end up with aftemarket washer pump .
U will need a double front / end terminal connections for single washer pump .
They call it : 2-Way Washer Pump Controls Both The Front & Back Washers;
This is because one pump work for both front and real , u just change polarities +/- to -/+ on a pump and it starts pumping in other direction
U will need same size for 2 front end houses and one big which need to be plugged into washer tank .
U will need same body size to plug into the same space build into washer tank . The wire harness is the only peace which u can rebuild , all the rest should match .
After some research i end up with Trico washer pump Part #11-529 , - worked great for all dimensions except of wire harness but its not cheap like $45.

Sorry cant post picture due to stupid restriction below
To be able to post links or images your post count must be greater.

Enjoy !

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We traded our fully loaded 2013 JX35 with 60,000 trouble free miles. Great vehicle. We currently have the 2016 model and just hit 40,000 trouble free miles. The cars do well on long trips. Love all the technology.

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U traded same car with the same car just to have i bit less miles and more debt ??
No doubt why we are coming into recession,- Americans love to spend debt on deprecated assets
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