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Interior: Rear sun shades?

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It is really a shame that Infiniti does not incorporate rear sunshades into the doors like many other luxury vehicles do (and also non-luxury - like the Toyota Highlander). I have a couple of toddlers in car seats in the back, and have tried various 3rd party stick-on, roll up etc. products to keep the sun out of their faces - most of them seem to last a few months to a year.

How have others on the forum solved this problem - any specific products, solutions with links?
Thanks in advance.
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5% tint all around except the front. Keeps it nice and dark.
Tints are already in the cards. Any recommendations on actual sun shades in addition to that?
In Florida, 5% tints are illegal and you will get ticketed. I have in previous vehicles. I'm also hoping to find a decent solution to block out sun from hitting my son. Stick on shades have sucked in our experience in my wife's car.
I'm thinking of these:

The profile is slim enough, not sure if 22" is long enough. Would like to cover at least 95% of the window.
Either that or I build my own. Debating if I should go with the roller type or a frame on type for my DIY.
Tried the Tesla shades (not Affiliated to Tesla Motors). disappointed in a couple of area. 1. Shade covers only about 80%. 2. Shade is a hook on glass approach. 3. The 3m velcro just won't stick well on the softtouch panels especially the panel are not even.

Guess next is the DIY approach, gonna use the hardware in the tesla shade to make my own.
Finally found something that's cheap and works fairly well, almost OEM, except the windows is not flat, if you noticed, it angles wider at the front than the rear. But at least these covers 85-90% of the windows.
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