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Interior: Maple trim?

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Hi all,
So during my purchase process, I had at some point asked about the Maple interior accents vs. the Graphite Weave. They informed me that the Maple accents only come with the Deluxe Technology package.

The question I have is - Is there still a way I can purchase the Maple trim pieces and install them in my non-DT QX 60? The trim pieces should be mostly snap-in/easy to remove/replace. I really am not a fan of the gray weave interior trim, and I think the wood accents dramatically enhance the overall luxurious feel of the vehicle.

Can someone list out the relevant part numbers for the interior trim in Maple since I can't seem to search for them on the parts site(s)? Thank you in advance!
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I am trying to do the same thing with the 2019 and limited gray wood trim! Any luck?
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