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Interior and exterior protection warranties?

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Hello All,

Do appearance protection warranties such as Auto Butler and Zurich Shield make sense? I have seen a number of folks who are pretty handy with tools say that they are not worth the money. Our case is slightly different. We have pets and infants/toddlers and therefore expect the traffic to be high. I am loading up on weathertech liners, kick protectors and dog fences, but one never knows :).

We are quoted $995 for Auto Butler (2x times a year for 5 years) and $895 for Zurich Shield (1x time a year for 7 years). How good are their warranty claims? Is the stuff they do they same as a regular detailer? Better? Worse? Any personal experience or inputs would be of great help.

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Personally, I enjoy doing the interior dressing myself for my little QX60. I gently treat the surfaces with steam using a chemical-free steam cleaner according to the instructions Best car interior dressing | Interior dressing for auto detailing and apply a gentle and light protective agent on Like the versatile Fortador Leather Vinyl Trim or The Chemical Guys SPI220 and the panel surfaces shine just right, the leather looks fresh. Try it and you will like it and you don't have to pay extra money to anyone.
If you already get your car detailed (meaning a very good job cleaning every seen/unseen detail) yearly, then it’s a good deal.

You also need a weekly plan to keep the car clean between weekly cleans. It bothers me when I see a slight dusting on the center console so I’m always vacuuming/cleaning/remaining passengers to keep the car clean. My neighbors car has a layer of trash lining the floor, freaks me out whenever I have to get in it.
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