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Great news for those of you looking to buy a new QX60 in the future. Infiniti has recently subscribed to Motor Codes’ New Car Code of Practice.

For anyone not aware of the code or are not residing in the UK, Motor Codes is a self-regulatory body for the UK auto industry and they’re approved and backed by the government so, that should give you some reassurance about their legitimacy. Automotive manufacturers who signs up to Motor Codes’ New Car Code of Practice do so voluntarily and Infiniti has recently joined the list.

With Infiniti included, the list of brands is now at 39 which means 99% of all new cars sold in the UK will be covered by the comprehensive guide of best practice.

New car buyers can shop around without worries knowing Infiniti UK promises that their promotions will be honest and fair, the dealership will ensure that your vehicle was built with a high quality standard, warranties will be written clearly in English and in an easy to understand format, warranty terms will be respected as long as the car is serviced according to the recommended guidelines even if they were carried out by an independent garage, replacement parts will be readily available to dealers and be of satisfactory quality, and complaints will be handled swiftly by competent and conscientious staff.

Now members in the UK can shop for the QX60 with this in mind and you can look at the full list rules Infiniti will follow right here:
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