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Infiniti QX60 Hybrid Features a CVT Transmission That Can Be Shifted Manually

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Not only does the QX60 Hybrid get 26MPG's combined which is good for such a large SUV's but it features a CVT transmission that can be shifted manually with a sport setting that offered "stepped gears", at least the QX60 Hybrid won't be boring to drive!

A pair of clutches link the engine and motor with a CVT that can be shifted manually; it also features a Sport setting that offers stepped gears. (We fail to understand the appeal of making a CVT that doesn’t act like a CVT. Sure, we generally don’t like those types of transmissions, but why give it programming that saps it of its efficiency advantage? And why does an Infiniti have a CVT in the first place?) There are also Standard, Snow, Eco settings, and all modes adjust throttle response and transmission mapping. Regenerative braking helps recharge the Lithium-ion battery, which is located under the third-row seat. That location helps retain a flat rear cargo floor and flexible rear-seat passenger room, which already is aided by six inches of fore and aft travel for the second row seat. Needless to say, the dashboard info screen will tell you when and where power is being routed.
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manual shifting defeats the purpose of having a hybrid IMO but how much MPG's can one really lose by shifting a hybrid vehicle manually that's equipped with a CVT?
A CVT is going to be similar to how a boat gets up to speed. It will boost up the RPM range until you get up to speed and then it will bring it down without having the feel of shifting gears. The manual shift mode allows you to shift without having to go up to around 4,000 RPM's every time you get on the gas. Most people don't use the manual shift mode in these, but it is available if someone does want to use it.
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