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As I've posted before, I am a big fan of this service. This past week we had visitors from Ohio that had never visited the Seattle area. We played tour guide and found that our visitors wanted to see everything one could imagine. We ended up using the Personal Assistant a bunch of times for navigation downloads and event information. I was impressed when we were trying to find The famous Top Pot Donuts. There were multiple locations so the operator did a web search to find the flagship shop for us (wasn't an easy task). By the way the donuts were excellent.

I ended up using the Android application many times when driving our new Nissan Rogue. It was great getting navigation items and web searches when we couldn't access our Nissan Connect features. It was nice having a live body to talk to for assistance.

Some may complain about the service fees for the Infiniti Connection (the Personal Assistant service is complimentry for 4 years), but if you travel frequently to unfamiliar places, or need someone to research something or make a call for you when you are in traffic, to me its worth it.;)
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I'm glad they're helpful. I thought the PA was complimentary for only 1 year. If you don't have Infiniti Connection, you don't get the PA.
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I've hardly used it but the two times I recently tried it, they couldn't help me.

I tried having them change the dealership they have on file for me (since I bought from a dealership very very far from where I live because they had the best price) to my closest dealership and they couldn't do it nor tell me how to go about doing it. Not a big deal but not helpful.

Then I contacted my PA to make an appointment for me for my first service and they couldn't do that either.

The one time I needed directions to a location while driving they were able to find it and send it to the vehicle but the whole way it works is not as good as the OnStar I had in a previous vehicle. And the cellular connection (Infiniti uses cellular not satellite) wasn't all that good at all, and I was on the NJ State Parkway which is not an off the beaten path roadway.
Sorry to hear you've had such bad service. I've used it over a hundred times and have never really had an issue. The gsm network sometimes is sketchy, but over all, I think I've only had dropped calls about 4 times.
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