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Infiniti JX35 Cabin Noise?

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I know owners of the new Pathfinders have reported noise coming from inside the cabin, probably due to poorly assembled interior parts and pieces, poor fitment or what ever it may be. Is anyone aware of this issue happening to Infiniti JX's?
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The JX is one of the quietest cars I've ever driven. On the forum, there have been a couple of people that have had some wind noise. From what I recall, the problem was from a faulty trim piece on the roof where the roof rails run.
I had a customer come in with her JX this week complaining about loud noise coming from one corner of the car. Turns out it was a mud flap that she'd gotten bent up going over a curb or something. We fixed it under warranty (this is why you make friends with your service advisor).
haven't heard a single owner complain about cabin noise in their JX, all have been quiet. but now that i know about some of the problems mentioned above i will be keeping an eye out for them. they seem isolated
Did the JX35 come with an acoustic windshield?
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