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HI, I have a brand new 2017 QX 60 & I believe the MPG reported under "Fuel Economy" screen under the INFO tab is wrong. please read along

There are two places where one could read the MPG, one on the dashboard & the other on the Intouch screen, If i reset both at the same time, the behavior that I observe is:
-- For the first 100 miles or so, the MPG figures kind of match (lets say both show close to 20 MPG)
-- beyond that, the intouch MPG suddenly drops by 2 MPG & resets itself at 18 MPG (going by the example)
-- The intouch MPG starts building up again, would get close to 20 & now drop by 5, reset it to 15 MPG, start building up again,
-- the more I drive, the drop keeps on increasing by a bigger margin & I would see it drop from 20 MPG to 6 MPG & start rebuilding again.

I raised this with Infiniti & they told me they dont see any issues as per the diagnostic reports & that the intouch gives the adhoc MPG,which i fail to understand because i see the same behavior on highways also

My question is, is this normal & an issue with all the vehicles, I find this behavior weird
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