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Infiniti Elite Extended Warranty

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At the same time I purchased my 2014 QX60 in December 2013, I purchased a 7 year/100,000 mile Infiniti Elite Extended Warranty with $0 deductible from the dealership. After joining this forum, and realizing the problems with the CVT transmission, I wish I had purchased the 8 year/120,000 mile warranty. I was wondering if I could exchange and pay the difference to upgrade to the 8yr/120,000 warranty. I only have 9000 miles on the vehicle, and I think you have up to 12,000 miles to purchase the warranty. Has anyone ever done this before? Also, if it is possible, should I shop around to find the best price? I was told I was given an employee discount on the warranty I purchased, but after seeing some of the prices here, I don't think it was a very good deal. I would appreciate any information.
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I'd go back to the dealership first and see what they will do. If they aren't willing to take care of you, I'd shop around. Since our dealership didn't offer an Infiniti warranty (they only sell The Mechanic Warranty), once we found out that we could buy one from another dealership, our dealership gave us our money back without argument. We called Circle Infiniti of New Jersey and they have us a great deal on the full warranty plus they financed it. We found them through a thread on the I believe the finance person's name was Sheri.
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