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Infiniti Connections - Send Destination

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I've sent a few destinations to the car via the web page for Infiniti Connections, but none are showing up. Does the car need to be on before the destinations can be received?
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It does not. You need to go to the page that ask you if you want to sync all feeds. That will import them into the car. Its been a while since I've done it, but here is information from their website:

Destination Send-to-Vehicle
Destination Send-to-Vehicle enables you to search for destinations from a point of interest (POI) database accessed within the website. You can then send the information to your Infiniti’s navigation unit.
How to:

Enter search criteria in the “What to Search for” box
Enter search location (e.g., city and state) in the “Where to Search” box
Click Search
After search results display, check the box to make your selection(s), then click “Send Destination Set”
On the Send Destination Set pop up, choose a folder from the dropdown box (or create a new folder) to label the category
Choose a feed from the dropdown box (or create a new feed) to name it (a feed is a collection of POIs) – Choosing an existing feed will replace all of the existing POIs in that feed
Click Send
From inside your Infiniti:

Press the Info button
Select "Infiniti Connection" on your touch screen
Select "Sync all information feeds" on your touch screen
Select the folder
Select the destination name to show the route
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Folders and Feeds

I created several folders and feeds on the Send To Car. Is there a way to delete these folders and feeds?
I sent infinity a e-mail regarding this issue and got the following response.

Unfortunately, we do not have instructions for this as the feeds will start to drop off after a certain amount have been sent to the vehicle. The oldest feeds will delete first, and continue to do so in chronological order as you send new feeds to the vehicle.
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