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Seems as though Infiniti is using 2G hardware when in fact AT&T announced in 2012 that they were getting away from the 2G technology.

This is frustrating to say the least .... that you purchase a Luxury Vehicle, and aren't formally told about this issue .... I understand from reading online that there is a sticker in the window that spells this out, but feel the dealer should inform you of this. However, it appears my dealer wasn't even aware of this issue until I started raising **** about it not working, and then after some research online I find out that it is a known issue.

Here is a comment that I copied from another forum post, it is Infiniti Motors Consumer Affairs response to a customer:

"Infiniti Connection requires a compatible 2G GSM/GPRS cellular network provided by AT&T. 2G cellular network is not available in all areas and/or available at all times. Cellular technology is evolving, and changes to cellular networks provided by independent companies are not within Infiniti’s control. Like other devices that rely on 2G network coverage, once the 2G network is terminated, Infiniti Connection will not function unless equipment replacements, upgrades, or alternative 2G network coverage are available at that time, which Infiniti cannot guarantee.

Infiniti strives to stay ahead of evolution in technology but that is sometimes a challenge given the nature of technology and changes made by third parties outside of Infiniti’s control. We are exploring alternative network solutions for Infiniti Connection service options, and although we don’t have anything to announce now, if and when we do we will advise customers.

Infiniti is not responsible for associated costs that may be required for continued Infiniti Connection operation due to cellular network termination (including equipment upgrades, if available, or roaming charges on alternative networks)."
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