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Since day one (7 Feb 2015) my Infiniti Connection has worked properly. The issue is I can connect to Infiniti Connection, however every time I call in I have to go through verification process ... and once this is accomplished they still can't pinpoint my location.

During the first couple of weeks, I was told that Infiniti Connection was working the issue and it should be resolved soon.

After waiting a couple of weeks, took it into the Service Department, and they hooked it up and showed no error codes. So it was decided to reload the software, and that didn't help either. Instructed that Infiniti Connection would elevate and figure it out.

After waiting a month, still no resolution so I took it back in so they could further troubleshoot the issue. After a week it was decided that a new TCU could fix the problem ... well you guessed it, that didn't work either ... so it is still at the dealer. Infiniti is now saying it is a data transfer between car/satellite/XM (XM is contractor for this service) and they are working with XM to resolve.

I am being told my vehicle isn't the only one being affected .... anyone else having the same type of trouble
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