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Hybrid in Eco mode rolls forward in reverse

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I haven't done complete testing on this, but I noticed when I am even on a slight incline and put the Qx60 in reverse it will actually roll forward until I step on the gas pedal.
I know this is possible on a steep incline, but I'm talking about like a 3 degree incline.

Anyone else have this issue? I haven't tested it in all modes yet as I just bought the thing, but it was a little disconcerting when it occurred a few times.

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Haven't noticed in reverse, but it's certainly true if forward. There is no transmission holding in a CVT like with a typical automatic transmission. The hill hold feature requires about a 6 degree include, if I remember... That's pretty steep! Exit ramps are often less which is where I see this the most. I think it's dumb it doesn't work all of the time. Don't know why such restrictions are in place.
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