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Hybrid fuel cell charge question & engine shut down

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ive had my car for 300+ miles and i have only gotten the bars on the screen to 3 and then 4 but never fully to 6. Also my engine never shuts off when i stop or coast. the guy at the dealer said this was not normal. Can u guys tell me how your qx60s operate? thanks
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It takes a lot of downhill coasting/braking to fill it up. I've done it but it takes a while and won't stay there for long at all.

This is a very mild hybrid, but nonetheless like in a Prius as well, don't worry about what the screen shows for the hybrid battery.

The car will change a bit on how it operates as a hybrid as you get more miles; biggest difference is observed around 3000 to 4000 miles.

The engine runs more often if the heat or a/c is on thus it not shutting off most likely while stopped. Also, again, as you get more miles you will see it operating a bit more like a hybrid and the mpg will increase a little but not leaps and bounds. It's simply too mild a hybrid and will never operate like a Prius does (I say operate, not get the mpg of a Prius).
ive never seen 5 bars rarely 4. and i drive on 40 mile trips for work
ive never seen 5 bars rarely 4. and i drive on 40 mile trips for work
If you live in Houston, I doubt you will. It is too flat. The normal state of charge is 3-4 bars so the battery can have a charge buffer. From my experience, you need need a change in elevation of about 500 ft to max out the battery state of charge. Once the battery is maxed, the engine will start and the vehicle will engine brake without using regen.

Gig'Em ;)
good to know, it really does help to live somewhere with hills and elevations for you to really get the most out of these vehicles, but that isn't to say if you don't have those kinds of roads that your buying decision was bad.
Getting to 4 bars, 5 bars, filling up the bars etc really isn't important anyway, it's a hybrid, not a plug-in vehicle. Pulse and glide will improve MPGs but I've never been a fan nor cared for driving like that and I've owned several Prius. I just get in and drive...
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Hypermiling, pulse and glide... Energy-efficient driving - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

P&g is under 'advanced techniques'. Like I said though, driving like this isn't for me. Anticipating lights, stop signs etc ahead, sure but speeding (pulse) to then glide over and over on a trip, no way lol.
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