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I know this may sound like it goes against every security feature but as a surfer, I can't take the key fab in the water with me, so I need to be able to lock the key fab in the car(minus the metal key part) without the alarm going off when I open it with the physical key.

Most cars have a way to do this, especially an SUV that caters to all kinds of sports.

Here's what I do now, I hit the door locks button, then manually unlock the drivers door, shut it, then turn the lock with the key.

It works without beeping and opening the doors, yay! however when I get back from the water, I unlock the door with the key...and the alarm goes off!
First, why in the world would they have the alarm go off when you are opening it with the physical metal key? It should be able to tell the door was opened with the designated key, and disable the alarm, like every other car does.

Maybe there's a sequence of things I need to do in order for it to work. I tried turning the key twice, holding the button on the handle and turning the key, turning it back then forward fast, etc...
There's gotta be some combination to make this work.

any help would be appreciated Thanks! I have a 2019 QX60
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