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How did QX60 do in 2013?

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With a host of rivals from marquee brands, how well did the QX60 fare against the venerable competition?

Lets look at QX60 sales data vs the Acura MDX, Audi's Q7, the pioneering Lexus RX and the Mercedes ML.

2013 Total Sales:

Infiniti QX60: 31,602
Acura MDX: 53,040
Audi Q7: 15,978
Lexus RX: 103,920
Mercedes ML: 41,326

From a quick glance one of the glaring dichotomies that jumps out is the QX60s lack of power plants. Regardless of fuel consumption and cost luxur shoppers have always enjoyed big a powerful engines. You can disagree if you want bu the QX60s 3.5L V6 with 265 hp is just not enough power in such a land yacht of a vehicle. The Lexus RX does have a similar power plant rated at 270 horsepower but the RX is also a much more svelte vehicle than QX60. While Q7 and the ML both offer potent V-6s and V-8s ( in the case of ML) as well as offering diesel options.

Luxury shoppers are notorious for demanding choice, and unfortunately the QX60 just doesn't offer enough to justify itself as a legitimate option, especially when it faces pressure in this segment from its stable mate the QX70.

What do you guys think Infiniti can do moving forward to help spark the take rate for the QX60?
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Hey look an Acura vehicle that isn't embarrassingly non-successful!

Invest in performance and ensure that the QX60 stays as far away from mini-van territory as possible. It needs to look like an SUV.
^I know a lot of people think it looks like a minivan - but I would've never come to that conclusion on my own - I still don't think it looks like a minivan - far from it.

And +1 for performance. Wouldn't hurt to put in the new 3.7L V6 and try to squeeze in the 5.6 :D
you cant route that much power through FWD/CVT setup. Just not happening. Plus QX60 is one of Infinitis only CAFE friendly vehicles, they're not going to puke a v8 in there just for gits and shiggles...

IMO a V8 has no right being in the QX60, it actually defeats the purpose of a vehicle like this. Leave the V8 to the QX70 and QX80, they actually need it.
I agree with leaving the V8 out. I can see the mini-van thing. Not completely but i understand that it is walking a thin line. I think that hybrids and diesel would fit nicely in the QX60.

Why do you think the Lexus RX sells so much better?

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^much touted lexus reliability could be it... although I don't get why so many people buy a lexus.
So a car in its first full year of sales hit numbers nearly 2/3 of its number one target/rival. I think that's pretty good. MDX has been out since 2001 and pretty much owned the segment. I still get customers coming in who had no idea we have this car.
You still don't see a lot of the JX or QX on the road. I am surprised that Infiniti hasn't done much in the way of marketing. They are really advertising the Q50 however. I still think the JX/QX is the best bang for the buck in its class.
^much touted lexus reliability could be it... although I don't get why so many people buy a lexus.
The RX has been around for a while, enough for them to work out bugs and a lot of issues plus Toyota/Lexus vehicles are known to be reliable and offer you great value for your money.
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