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help with parking sensors

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I have a new qx60 that is a few days old. when I tried to park the car for the first time between two vehicles I noticed that the front parking sensor did not come on

I would have expected that the camera would have automatically turned on and it would have started beeping and giving me the different indicators that I was approaching and getting very close to the vehicle to either my left or right or front

The manual has no information on how close before the sensor provides a warning of proximity.

Do you need to press the camera button to activate the front sensors? Or should they behave like the rear sensor which automatically turn on the camera view and provide a warning

Thanks for your help
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Front cameras only come on automatically if one of your radar sensors goes off. If you don't hear any beeps, then the front camera won't turn on automatically and yes you will have to push the camera button.
My front bumper was less than 12 inches from the other car. I didn't get any warnings (visual or sound). At what distance should the warning come on?
The front bumper only has 2 sensors at the corners. So you have to rely on the camera if you're going in straight.
I came in at an angle and it was less than 1 foot away from the car on the left but no sensor went off
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