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Help with Bumper Paint Protection Options - QX60

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I am trying to figure out if we should invest in any bumper paint protection options for a new QX60 that I am buying.

We live in a busy city with a lot of parallel parking / nicks-n-nacks to the bumper.

The little I have read online seems to indicate options including
Xpel Ultimate, 3M's Scotchgard Paint Protection, Ventureshield Paint Protection Film.

My Questions:
- Are these the main options/brands to consider?
- Is this something that I should have to dealer provide as a condition to buying the car from them?
- What should I expect to pay for this? Range is fine.
- I have seen people posting shots of their cars' with the cars' hood partially covered with protective film - is that a good idea w/ the line of plastic film going across the hood? I am wondering if I should just get this for the front and rear bumper, or if that is even worthwhile.

Any guidance will be much appreciated.

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I've got Xpel on mine. Dealer quoted like 1800 for half of the front, which is half the hood, half the mirrors and the rest of the front. But no headlights or fog lights. I declined that and went to a private shop and got full hood and full mirrors and all the rest including lights.

I personally like the full option. This is the first car that I got the clear bra for and I really like it. I did not get anything for the rear as it's not intuitive to me to have done so. You're mainly looking to protect rock chips rather than car dings.

The mirrors are a little hard to do for full b/c of the curve.
Thanks for replying. What did it end up costing you on your own? And why did you choose Xpel over the others?

Understand the point about getting the front done, but my main concern is actually for the bumpers for when I parallel park or for that matter others do in front or at the back of my car. Any suggestions for what I should look in to if not the clear film option?
I'm also a fan of full hood

And I agree on looking for a private shop to get a better deal and likely a better install

XPel seems to be a popular option of the 3m and ventureshield.
:eek:1800 dollars?! that sounds like highway robbery to me... you can get your whole car repainted for less than that
:eek:1800 dollars?! that sounds like highway robbery to me... you can get your whole car repainted for less than that
of course you could but what's the quality like?

$1800 sounds just about right considering all the work that goes into it and what is needed.
of course you could but what's the quality like?

$1800 sounds just about right considering all the work that goes into it and what is needed.
$1800 is a bit high since it's only for half coverage and no lights. I ended up going w/ the installer for the dealership and got what I felt was a better price for full coverage.

When I was calling around the local shops, I asked about 3M or Xpel or what material they used. Some said, oh I've ever heard of 3M or Xpel then I know I didn't want to do business with them. That's just me wanting to have experienced folks working on my new car.
When I asked about the full bra, some people said that it would cost alot more than the half b/c it's hand cut rather than machine cut. It took only 2 or 3 days tops, 1 night to prep and then another to install and then dry. The shop gave me rides back to my house when I dropped it off, dropped me off at work on the day of delivery. Overall I had a great experience. However I do have a small ding on my driver side fender and that actually broke thru the bra. I had them look at it, but they said they'd need to take off the bra to look at it to see if whatever hit my car chipped the paint. If the paint is not chipped, then the bra did its job. I left it alone. It's not a huge issue at this point.
nah that is a lie. ive seen full hoods digitally cut

just depends what software they are using

id say usually for front bumper, quarter fender, full hood, headlights

it floats around 1500 for a good film

and a good repaint should start at 3000 dollars. even for 3k the repaint probably still isn't that great.
One thing I know that we have to worry about with digital cut is when you're trying to fit it around the badge as some tend to leave a big gap around. Free hand cut might be better for this.
I think we charge around $1300 for the full front with half the hood, plus door cups and mirrors. We mark that up a little. Xpel seems very well regarded by customers in various forums. And I've seen it on a number of cars now and it looks great. If I were going to do the hood, I'd do the whole thing or nothing. I don't like the line, even though it is very difficult to see it.

If I were buying, rather than leasing the car, I'd definitely get clear bra for the front end. If your bumpers get hit a lot, I'd consider the rear bumper too.
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I know this is an old thread but just got Xpel installed on my 2016. Installed on Front, about 1/3 of the hood and mirrors. $700 cash.
Superior job too! You don't need the entire hood because rocks tend to hit the first 12 inches or so. Xpel is the best....I did a lot
Of homework. First time doing this....we keep our vehicles a long time. Worth the investment.
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