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Hello guys,

I'm new to the forum I'm debating between a new toyota seinna se with nav vs used infinity jx/ q60 miles around 30,0000.
I have few questions in mind to make up my mind.

1. There is a difference between jx and qx as far as mpg. I know one is chain driven.

2. I am wondering about the maintince cost between infinity and toyota.

3. What would be a fair price for cpo jx or qx60 with Nav with around 30000 miles.
4. I m assuming I could buy a new toyota seinna se below 34 out the door comparing used infinity jx or qx.
5. Jx or qx is a reliable vechiles cause I am planing to keep it for a long time.
6. Can I trust the car fax report and what other stuff I really need to look for it.
When I saw some review the third row look decent space. I like the way jx or qx looks, comparing to mini van.

Any thoughts and suggestion will be greatly appreaciated.!!!!
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