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Help! Bottle of wine broke in cargo area

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I have the 2013 model and I LOVE my car--can't stand what happened! I had my groceries in a canvas bag in the cargo area (on top of the carpet, all seats were down) and the bag fell over, a bottle of red wine rolled out, and hit at just the right spot to break the neck of the bottle. When I got to where I could pull over and check it out, 95% of the bottle was emptied.

The bottle drained into the most rear part of the cargo compartment on the left side. The carpet was soaked where the two luggage hooks are on the left of the storage bin, on top of the storage bin, and even the carpet and felt-like material under the lid to the storage bin. I cleaned it all up with towels weighted by kitty litter, with frequent changes, until the water ran clear. But I can still smell wine in the storage bin.

I took off the panel where the jack is stored, but there was no wine in there.

I unscrewed the screw that holds down the Bose system enough to look underneath and don't see any wine there.

I really believe wine went in the crack between the recessed storage bin and the carpeted area where the two luggage hooks are.

Any idea how I can get under there to clean it out??
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You'll need to start pulling panels, it's like a jigsaw puzzle back there. I pulled the panels to relocate the cargo-power supply and had nearly the entire cargo-area pulled apart before the left panel (with the power socket) could be removed.
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