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Hello good people of QX60 forum. My name is Ed and I am a new (happy!) owner of Infiniti QX60. I am pretty familiar with this size SUV as I owned not one, but two MDXs before. I was going for a third one, but my business partner strongly recommended I look at QX60.
After comparing them side by side I was devastated as I could not make a choice. Both cars were so similar by all categories, that it was mostly about a design. And here MDX had a slight edge to me just because I was use to Acura design. But then I started checking the pricess and quickly realized I can save at least a few thousands of dollars by going with Infiniti. That tipped the scale. I now own QX60 with a Premium Plus package for a little over a week and already put a first scratch on it (on the wheel), so now it's mine for sure!
P.S. Have a question though... anyone makes window deflectors for this car? I checked my trusted Weathertech and they don't have one for this model...



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