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Gas Tank Capacity QX60 Hybrid

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Does anyone really get to put 19.5 gallons of fuel in their 2014 QX60 Hybrid (AWD)?

We get low to no fuel warnings...and fill up...yet only put about 16.0-16.4 gallons in the tank? Avg MPG 22.5 in ECO mode...over 5 months of ownership.

What is up with there a 3 gallon reserve built in that the technology center display does not recognize?

Or is there a discrepancy between the dashboard fuel tank display and the technology (big screen) fuel display information...? Both read the same number for Miles to Empty...?

Do we have the only QX60 h that has a smaller tank? The Fuel Economy readings on the big screen/math computes that the tank is only ~16 gallons, yet every manual and the Infinity web site says it has a 19.5 gallon tank...?
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I have filled 17.8 gallons once - it was really empty lol but I think it keeps the reserve out of the calculation so that in an emergency, after the light goes on you can still drive about 60 miles.
Of my 30 fill ups the most I've been able to get in the tank is 18.17 gallon. Agree, the light comes on way early and the accuracy of the trip computer is very poor
I dunno, my light came on during a trip to Lancaster yesterday. It said I had something like 40 miles to go and the gauge was inbetween E and 1/4, just where the red begins. I drove around shopping at outlets and like a race car, the gauge dropped from the beginning of the red to E with a range of 17 miles left. I was about to fill up anyway and when I did the car took 18.4 gallons. So with about 1 gallon left, compared to my previous cars which left you with 2 gallons when the range indicator hit 0, there isn't much wiggle room in the QX60. I kinda do this as a test in all my new vehicles, but good to know, you don't have much left in this vehicle when it says get gas, lol.
I have once. I got to 19.2gal at the end of a long trip. Let's just say that both trip meters were in *** which sucks b/c you have to remember how far ago it was at 10miles left. It never goes down to 0m either. Normally, I fill up around 17.xgal so I had about 40miles after it go to ***.
^ In my old M it goes down to about 50km (30 miles) before it shows ***... at least the SUV goes down to 10 miles!
^ It really might have been 30 miles and not 10m.
So had a nerve-racking drive home last night lol

I took the 51km route home (via downtown to pick up the wife). Mind you the fuel warning light came on in the morning when I left the house, so 44km before all of this happened.

When I left work, the gauge said 42km to Empty. Got to downtown (18km trip in traffic) and it said 21km to go and fuel guage was right on E (not close to, but right on top of E), then the distance to empty went to '--' when I picked up the wife.

From there began the nerve racking ride. About half way home (where there is my preferred gas station 3km before the house), I saw a gas station that was on the way so filled up 3.5L (at $1.449 / L !!). Distance to empty still showed -- and I continued to my gas station.

Got to said gas station, filled up 66.3L (at $1.329 / L - thank you Costco). So I would've filled up 69.8L (18.4 gallons) in total if I hadn't chickened out of driving on '--' distance to empty.

So from now on I am planning on filling up within 60km (40miles) of fuel light coming on lol - I have never gotten this close to running out (assuming I had kept going and filled up only once at my gas station). Even in my M, the closest I got after driving through traffic on '**' miles to go and guage on Empty was 68L or so.

They should've put the FX's fuel tank in these things... 90.5L (23.8 gallons). I would've been able to hit almost 600miles (1,000km) in the QX60 :D
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