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Fuel Economy QX60 Hybrid AWD

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I've been pretty impressed with the fuel economy in the Hybrid QX60 BUT only when the a/c or heat is not being ran. I've mentioned in other threads already how Infiniti on the next generation could improve upon this, but for now I wanted to share my new best MPG going down to Atlantic City yesterday.

I reset the trip computer screen a few blocks from my house (I forgot to do it in the driveway) so the discrepancy between the two totals was because of the engine still always running due to warm up. Now I did this trip with no heat, but it was in the upper 40's out and I find on the highway with the vent passing warm air into the cabin, it's enough to not need heat actually on at that temp. Trust me, if I'm cold, I run the heat before caring about my mpg's lol. Cruise was set at 65mph once on the NJ Parkway for the whole trip. Also, if you see on the 'best' screen my old best was 31.1 mpg, which was on a different trip to Atlantic City. While there are many variables that can account for only a .5 mpg increase, I hope with more mileage put on for break in it continues to improve a bit more.

Still, I found 31.6 mpg for the whole trip going there including engine warm up impressive for a vehicle of this size.

So, what's everyone else's personal best in their Hybrid QX60? Or heck, non hybrid models, I'd still like to hear your bests as well! :)
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Non-hybrid gasser QX60 - coming home from Lake Tahoe - 27.1mpg
No A/C, cruise control set to 63 and going downhill helps :)
For sure the drive downhill from Lake Tahoe helps, Lol. I was stationed in Sacramento back in the 90s, I miss the drives to Reno and Lake Tahoe. Ahh, memories! haha

Thanks for sharing your mpg numbers. :)
Yes, McClellan in north highlands. I've been to Beale as well, had a friend who got stationed there. I really enjoyed California, beautiful state. Always something to do and amazing the difference in scenery going just a few hours north, south, east or west from Sac.
I did my ROTC field training at McClellen back in the summer of 1989. During the month I was there, the Air Force took us on a day trip, up to Beale AFB, back when the SR71s were still operational to tour the Squadron and meet with the pilots. Our timing was good, as while we were there a SR71 was prepping for a mission. They bused us out to the 7500 foot mark on the runway, to the hold short line on the taxiway. Then they passed out ear plugs and had us get off the bus and stand at the hold short line so we could watch a SR71 takeoff -- we were literally 300 feet from the centerline of the runway. Turnouts the 71 would rotate at the 7500 foot mark at 250 knots. One of the coolest and loudest things I ever seen in person! I will never forget it. It climbed out at about 75 degrees on two 300 foot long, diamond pattern, blue flames and kept accelerating until we could see it didn't take long!

The safety mafia would never allow that now, but they did on that day!
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Lol at the safety mafia, so true nowadays. It's actually a bit out of control while trying to work at times, but oh well, what we cannot change...

Sounds like an amazing experience. I worked on the runway at McClellan maintaining the arresting barriers alongside my main career field. Being a depot base, we had a few occasions where a stealth fighter would come in. Amazing to see in person. One of the older gentlemen in my shop, who was a civilian employee at the time, worked on the blackbirds while on active duty years and years before. The stories he told me, amazing.
Well thanks for the walk down memory lane, but back to the subject at hand. I'm taking my first trip in my QX60 this weekend, going to drive up to Hearst Castle. I will record the mpg and report back. To date my personal best has been 49 mpg from my house to Five Guys... had a craving. It was only 5 miles and it was downhill most of the way, so technically it was cheating. I had the climate system off, so the vehicle coasted in EV mode for most of the way. That said, I have noticed that the vehicle will stay in EV mode a lot more with the climate system turned off. Even just turning on the fan (with the A/C off) can cause the engine to start and run more often. I'm guessing it has something to do with the power draw of the ionization cabin air cleaner that it has. Has anyone else noticed that on their QX60 Hybrid?
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Yeah, I've noticed as well that turning off a/c and running the fan causes the engine to stay on or run much more often. The one thing I have been able to do, when no ac, fan, heat etc is on is run off the battery alone if on flat enough terrain for a while if very light on the pedal. Unfortunately the traction battery is undersized enough that it goes low fast and is never full or near full often so that also keeps true ev driving at a distance short. Well that and the fact that the electric motor is small as well.

Anyways, post up a pic of your trip screen one way or round trip after you're home, it'd be nice to add it to the thread. :) The trip down to Atlantic City for me is fairly flat there and back.
Very disappointed with my MPG so far in non hybrid QX60 - only getting a bit more than 16 in city/hwy (on highway but half stop and go traffic). Am continuing to monitor it as only have ~1100 miles on the car.
Here's the initial results of my first road trip in my QX60 Hybrid. Today I drove from my home Rancho Palos Verdes, CA to Morro Bay, CA.

Trip Distance: 243.4 miles
Ave speed: 43 mph
Trip time: 5:42
Trip MPG: 25.0
Total miles on vehicle: 1096 (at destination)

Trip notes: Took the 405 to 101 Fwy north. Took Hwy 1 north of San Luis Obispo. Hit the 405 about 2:30 pm and it was a parking lot--took 1:45 min to go 30 miles. Then stop and go heavy traffic thru Oxnard (first 90 miles). Thinned out past Santa Barbara, and was finally able to maintain a consistent 70 mph. The A/C was on for most of the trip.

Bottom line for me, 25 mpg (includes my driving today in Morro Bay) was outstanding given the conditions. Had I been able to run 70 mph the whole way I would have easily exceeded 28 mpg. By comparison, my 2010 Buick Enclave would have been lucky to ave 17 mpg in these conditions.

I'm pleased, and I only used half a tank!
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That is great, thanks for posting your results. I had no idea the enclave was that bad, especially on the highway. It's got a v6, right? I wonder what people are averaging on road trips in the qx60/jx35 who have the v6. Is it similar to our hybrids at least on the highway or are we getting a few more mpg highway as well.
My Enclave had AWD and was heavy. If I could set the cruise and maintain a constant velocity on relatively flat terrain I would average about 21.5 mpg. On a trip like the yesterday with 90 miles of stop/go driving and the some 6% inclines...I'd be lucky to see 18 mpg. The Buick would use lots of gas climbing inclines.
That is great, thanks for posting your results. I had no idea the enclave was that bad, especially on the highway. It's got a v6, right? I wonder what people are averaging on road trips in the qx60/jx35 who have the v6. Is it similar to our hybrids at least on the highway or are we getting a few more mpg highway as well.
Yes, it had a direct injected, 24 valve V-6 with VVT. Put out 283 HP. It was a nice engine, plenty of power, but liked gas. Ran great on 87 octane.
Here’s the rest of the MPG story on my first road trip for anyone interested.
I reset the trip computer when I filled up in San Luis Obispo (first and only fill up on this trip). The total distance traveled after the fill-up was 220.6 miles, and I averaged 27.9 MPG (including one detour tourist stop in Solvang, CA along the way). Traffic was moderate on the return trip, so I made fair time overall--only a hand full of slowdowns/stops on the 101 and 405.

For the majority of the return trip, I averaged between 65 and 70 MPH with the air conditioning set to 70 degrees on auto. When I exited 405 at Crenshaw Blvd after 210 miles, my average trip MPG was 28.5. I used up 0.6 MPG on the last 10 miles (0.3 MPG driving in stop and go traffic on Crenshaw, and another 0.3 MPG climbing the 900 foot hill to my house.)
My QX60 Hybrid is an AWD model, and it is rated by the EPA at 25 MPG city, 28 MPG hwy, and 26 MPG combined. My return trip of 220.6 miles was mostly highway driving and I achieved the EPA highway rating on this leg of the trip.
For the entire 593 mile round trip to Hearst Castle and back, which included the grid lock drive out of LA on Friday, local driving in and around Hearst Castle and Morro Bay, CA on Saturday, and the return trip home on Sunday with a stop in Solvang, I averaged 25.8 MPG or the combined EPA MPG rating.

My odometer reading at trip end (total vehicle mileage) is 1,446 miles, so I’m still breaking it in. No buyer’s remorse here.
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What I've noticed on my QX60 is that the computers are a bit optimistic for gas mileage numbers. I usually wait to see at fill-up how I averaged over the trip. Has anyone else noticed this? (Mine's not a hybrid FYI)
It is a little bit optimistic. My trip computer says 23.3 but in reality it is 21.6

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Perhaps, but every pump is different and the amount of fuel dispensed is effected by temperature. More importantly, the pump method is only an estimate. To get a true measure of the fuel consumed you would need to measure the tank before and after on the same scale. Another problem with gas pumps is they cut off, so how do you know you are refueling to the exact same amount each time? A half gallon difference here and there can effect the mpg estimate by 1-3 mpg's depending on the distance travelled.

The trip computer is using the fuel flow as measured by the engine control computer and the odometer reading. It is likely more accurate...assuming the engine fuel flow sensor is calibrated correctly.
Generally all the vehicles computers display a bit higher mpg than true MPG but I still use it for the reasons Rooster has brought up. They give numbers which will remain consistent especially when a jx35/qx60 owner is comparing their numbers with another jx35/qx60 owner because of the variables involved with measuring mpg from pump numbers.
As far as my QX60 is concerned, I disagree with the statement that the on-board computer displays a true'er MPG. Mine varies quite a lot on multiple similar trips but the mpg I calculate from the pump numbers is almost always identical. The onboard computer is usually off by ~3 mpg. However, in one particular instance last month it was only off by 0.5mpg. Mind you I have only filled up 8 times so far. I have noticed the on-board computer is getting more accurate as the car ages... but the numbers it is showing for this fill-up are again off by 3mpg.
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