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Folding mirror

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Brought a 70k suv for the folding mirrors not to fold automatically. Cmon Infiniti, it’s 2023 and you’re still wanting me to press the button to fold it myself. A simple update could address this request 😤
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I was quite surprised myself. It’s software, they can easily add a feature to auto-fold those mirrors when in park vs add a manual button (costs extra). Strange…
Exactly…a simple code…all these existing features but no auto fold….smh

Infiniti should really consider updating the software to includ the auto fold when locking the car. I think this will impact customer loyalty in the future.
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I completely agree, i was surprised to learn the 2023 QX60 doesn’t offer: 1) auto folding side mirrors when locked, 2) auto locking when key fob walks away from car, 3) full screen Apple CarPlay. I still bought the car as it’s a solid vehicle, but wish list would include those with so many comparable cars having such technology.
I just bought a 2023 QX60. Can't believe Infiniti thinks they have a high quality luxury car when you can't even have the power folding mirrors 'fold' when you lock the car with the remote lock features. Back to the Benz for me.
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