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Exploding sunroof...

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Hi to all. Happy to join this forum to read, learn and discuss various issues and Infiniti of course. Wanted to get everyone's advice on a problem. We own a 2014 year model

My wife was driving down the freeway to work last Saturday 4/22 when her sunroof exploded out of nowhere. We went to the dealership to see if her extended warranty will cover but no luck, so we have to go thru our insurance to get it fixed. Did anyone have similar experience and how did you handle it? I emailed Infiniti USA about the issue and they basically said sorry for the inconvenience... if the insurance claim is denied it's final...etc, etc. I wanted to make a point that they made a defective product, since I have read up that this year make and model had issues with exploding sunroofs (among other nissan and infiniti models.). Any thoughts anyone? Thanks for the input
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This is a known problem with panoramic sunroof. Contact Infiniti direct. Good luck!!
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