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Erratic sideways wobbling at about 70-80 mph

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Hi all,

2013 JX35 with new transmission about 25,000 km ago. That's another story...

The vehicle been great until recently when she started doing a strange erratic sideways shake at about 70 mph or more. Its not noticeable at slower speeds and it happens on totally smooth roads in a straight line. Not always, just sometimes. At first I thought it was some strong wind gusts but there was no wind... It feels like someone beside the car pushing it sideways rapidly. It is not a constant motion, more like randomly occurring and varying in intensity. Enough to make your head shake from side to side a bit. It doesn't affect the driving line and there is no movement or vibration in the steering wheel.

Anyone experienced this before?
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Can’t say I have ever had that issue with any car I’ve owned. Almost sounds like something is worn or loose in your steering/suspension system. Appears serious enough to have it checked out IMO as this is not normal and it impacts vehicle stability.:|
Thanks humvet, yes I'll take it in to get checked out but I just wanted to see if it was common or seen before.
Does your car have tech package with lane departure prevention? This sounds like what LDP does when you're drifting out of your lane. Not a problem at lower speeds, but definitely gets your attention at high speeds.
I know I am bumping an old thread, but this happened exactly to me today. Does anyone have a fix for this? Or why it occurred?
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