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DVD player help

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Is there any way to have the DVD player only start when I want it too? Issue is that I pop in a video while taking my kid to school, when I start the car after taking her in, the DVD automatically resumes play. If I don't remember to manually hit stop or pause, it will continue to play. This happens every time I start the car. By the time I get to pick her up, my daughter throws a fit bc the video was not in the same spot as she remembers because I was driving around all day with it accidentally on. Thoughts?
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I'm not aware of any way to remove/prevent the auto-play functionality if you forget to pause or switch to another video input.
Time to come clean with your daughter about your Disney video addiction.
Sinecure--sadly you are correct.
Seriously though, is this how DVD players on all vehicles work?
I agree. how can I disable dvd autoplay function??? why do I want tv to play while nobody is in the backseats? when engine off, dvd should stop playing without pressing stop (such a pain). please help if there is a way.
Autoplay is also annoying when you remote start the vehicle. What's the point of playing the movie when no one is in the car?
Give the rear seat passengers the remote control and let them rewind/forward the movie.
so if nobody is in the backseats for a week, dvd will play all week before anyone is actually back there???

dvd shouldn't even be playing
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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