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Hi - enjoying a recently purchased 2014 Qx60 with video system.

I am able to use the USB stick for video playback, and got the format setup to properly playback. This is really nice, but I was wondering if it is possible to play the same formatted files (DIVX) from the DVD player? I am able to play regular DVD's (Full length movies) fine, no prob, but would be nice to have the same/similar functionality as the USB stick. Reason I want to do this is to simplify the process for switching between movies and audio. The process when accessing movies and music on the USB stick is a bit cumbersome as you have to interface with the touch screen and it's a bit much I think when driving for my wife. Ideally I could keep movies on a DVD disc (multiple in DIVX format) and then switch over to the USB stick for just audio.

I'm not sure if this should be possible, but when I attempted to make a regular data disc for DVD, the system is unable read the disc. I've tried two different discs, one a 4.7 DVD+R, and another an 8.4/dual layer DVD+R. No go on either. Was wondering if I should try using a specific type of DVD burning software? Was using Windows 10 / File explorer to burn and finish.

Any information appreciated. Thanks in advance,

- Brandon
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