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Discussion Starter · #1 ·'s "Four weeks with an Infiniti QX60 Hybrid" is well worth the read

Driving/ca is currently in the middle of a four part series called "Four weeks with an Infiniti QX60 Hybrid." I think that the series is a must read for anyone who is considering getting the Infiniti QX60 Hybrid. Given that it is from a Canadian website, the series gives a great look at how the QX60 Hybrid will hold up to winter conditions.

Here are links to the first three articles in the series.

1. Week one with the 2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid shows it's more than a gussied-up Pathfinder

2. $62,000 luxury SUV a hit with the better half

3. SUV's interior pampers the driver in luxury and technology
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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