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Driver Assistance Pkg worth the money!!!

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This weekend while backing out of parking space half way out, a car drove by without stopping for me. Thanks to the BCI it braked my QX60 to avoid hitting the car (just like the commercials! :)). Also love that it warns you when you get too close to an object(parking, drive-thru corners, garage etc......)
Plus, love the ICC and DCA controls when driving on the road.
I got this package with Prem, Prem+

Question, is there way to increase the warning beep sound? I though I had it at max from settings?

Loving my wife's QX60!!!
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IMO, the Driver's Assistance Package is well worth the money. Even fully loaded this car is still a great value as compared to its competitors.
That's what I have heard from many folks that have opted for it, very few have complaints about it from what I have noticed.
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