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Driver Assistance Pkg worth the money!!!

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This weekend while backing out of parking space half way out, a car drove by without stopping for me. Thanks to the BCI it braked my QX60 to avoid hitting the car (just like the commercials! :)). Also love that it warns you when you get too close to an object(parking, drive-thru corners, garage etc......)
Plus, love the ICC and DCA controls when driving on the road.
I got this package with Prem, Prem+

Question, is there way to increase the warning beep sound? I though I had it at max from settings?

Loving my wife's QX60!!!
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Great to hear! That package is way more popular since that commercial came out btw.

As for the volume, go into settings, other, camera, and there is volume and sonar sensitivity that you can adjust. Hope this helps!
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