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David, I think if you go with any modern car seat system that uses the latch system, you'll be ok. There are very stringent regulations and requirements for car seats nowadays.

For my son we used a Britax convertible seat for a good while. It's the kind where the base connects to the latch system and then the car seat itself clicks in and out and can be seamlessly taken from the car and clicked into the stroller. We had no problems with it.

For our daughter now we switched over to Graco click connect, same design with a base that stays in the car and the carseat clicks on and off. The only reason for the change was because we researched double strollers and preferred Graco's offering. But I had no complaints with the Britax system and I don't have complaints with the Graco system.

I don't see why anyone would claim the car is not safe for car seats.

The latch system is very good for keeping them in place, and you can even double up and run the seatbelt through the carseat base as well for double protection. Thankfully, I haven't been in an accident yet with this car so if the car is terrible at protecting the children in that situation, I guess I don't know. But I feel pretty good with both my children in the second row. My understanding is that the car has side curtain airbags so those should kick in in the event of an accident and protect the passengers, be they kids or adults. Most new infant car seats (both I've tried) also come with padding and protection themselves for the unlikely event of an accident.

Right now my daughter is in the convertible rear facing seat and my son is now in the fixed front facing seat. We can fit my wife or mother in law in between them two and so far no problems or concerns.
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