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I just purchased a demo with 6000km from my dealer after he assured me it was in fine condition. After driving it for a week, I calculated my fuel consumption after a fill-up and discovered I am using 19 litres of fuel to drive 100km, combined city and highway driving. Studies indicate that I should only be using 10.6 litres.
I used premium fuel - actually, super premium fuel.
The dealer says that he cannot take the car back because I bought it so it is now "used". His service department checked the car for several hours and found nothing wrong.
Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

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You're not providing much (any) information on the car at all for us to comment. So here are questions to ask you. you're getting 12.38mpg

1. Is the 100km that you are using for the calculation based on actual odometer reading? Do you now have 6100km on the car? What octane is super premium?
2. have you used the computer in the car?
3. What version of the car is it? Hybrid? non-hybrid?
4. What was the average speed that you're driving? you can reset the car computer to give you this information.
5. Were you driving by yourself? were you towing anything.
6. Were you constantly driving uphill.
7. Were you constantly driving in 1st or 2nd gear?
8. Have you seen the real time fuel consumption readings in the computer?

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Thank you for commenting.
Here are answers to the questions you listed.
BY the way, the car I traded in for the Infiniti was a 2006 Lexus GX470 which had given me fuel consumption of approximately 14.3 liters/100km in combined city and highway driving. That vehicle was on a truck frame.

1. I filled the tank with fuel and set the tripometer to zero. After driving 326km, I refilled the tank with 61.382 litres of fuel and did the calculation that the car used 18.82 litres to drive 326km.
I did this one more time, driving 140km, and filled the tank again, with 26.673 litres of fuel, which calculates to 19.05 litres per 100km
2. The computer display on the car dashboard says 14.4 litres per 100km, for 949km of driving.
3. the version of the car is awd non-hybrid
4. I drove both city and highway. I don't know the average speed but I will see if the car computer will tell me. I used the ECO drive setting in the car hoping that it would give me the best fuel consumption. My driving style in the Infiniti has been the same as it was in the Lexus.
5. The car was empty except for me
6. I was rarely driving uphill.
7. The only time I was in 1st or 2nd gear was to slow down approaching red lights without using brakes or ocassionally going over speed bumps on residential side streets.
8. As I noted in point 2, the computer reading that I see on the dashboard says 14.4.
The computer reading that I see on the navigation screen reads somewhere in the 20s.
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