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I am planning to have a dashcam installed on my QX 60, hard-wired into the vehicle with all wires hidden away (Blackvue DR650GW-2CH). My question is about where to mount the front camera as my QX =60 is fully loaded with all the safety features such as rain sensors, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control. With all that technology built into the windshield where can I safely have the unit installed so as not to block some sensor? I'd like it in front of the rear-view mirror so that it is out of my sight-lines and somewhat innocuous from outside view, but I see a white, translucent square cover on the rear-view mirror that faces the front of the car (so looking ahead). Obviously another sensor of some sort.

It looks to me like the only possible location to mount the front sensor then would be towards the passenger side of the rear view mirror. Would that be correct? Hopefully one of the sales guys will know and can answer. The dash cam unit is about 118 mm long with a 36 mm diameter (4-5/8 x 1-3/8 diameter, inches).


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