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CVT Question

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Hi All,

I am going to pick up my new QX60 tomorrow. looking forward to it. Have a question about the CVT issues people have had.

I am purchasing a new 2014 model. car was manufactured in 4/2014.

At which point did infinti resolve the CVT issues. i saw on another post that early 2014 cars were more prone to the issue. would a car manufactured in 4/2014 fall under that group.

how common is the CVT issue?

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I don't know that there is a definitive answer for that as I think even the newer ones have had reports of problems. But, most people have no problems. You hear about the problems on places like this, but it's not like 10% fail. Even if you took a poll of people on this site, I bet you'd find a low percentage have problems.

Every car brand/model has issues... This transmission has, so far, been much better than my Cadillac's was!
Thanks, appreciate your response.
Hate to be a Debbie-downer...but the issue HAS NOT been resolved by Infiniti. My QX60 was manufactured 5/14 and had the problem. I had to replace the entire CVT. Seems to be working OK now. I did manage to get from the district service guy that about 7-10% are developing the problem and Nissan/Infiniti are completely at a loss about what's causing it. The issue HAS NOT been resolved.
Wow, that's a pretty big percentage. How soon did you realize that you had the issue and what were the symptoms. did you have trouble with infiniti sort out the problem?

At around 2,500 it happened. Slight incline major vibration sort of like the car was stalling. I took it to Infiniti and they couldn't duplicate it at first so they couldn't repair. I called customer service and they sent out a regional service technician who was able to duplicate it, send the data to Infiniti and authorize a CVT replacement. I would be very clear with the dealer, that you are aware of this issue, the issue has not been resolved, and that you expect full cooperation from them if it ever develops.
excellent response, thank you very much
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