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Complete Loss of Power

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I had a 2012 JX35 and wanted to know if anyone else had similar issues. I had my car in for service for this issue 5 times and they were never able to determine the problem even though they replaced many boards and parts to the car. Infiniti finally repurchased my car back under the lemon law.

In the beginning it started out with the windshield wipers turning on for one swipe at start up. This happened randomly, every 20 or so start-ups. The weather was dry and the car was always parked in the garage. So it should not have been happening.

Then the Navigation Screen began having a delay in turning on when I started the car. The delay became longer and longer over time. Then the trunk release button on the lift itself did not work, nor did the button on the inside of the lift work to close it (and yes the power button was on).

Then the remote start began to have issues. It wouldn't start. When it did start, we couldn't get it to turn off. And when that happened we began to have issues with the remote door lock button. We would have to click it on and off several times for the locks to finally open/close. And when those two issues happened, usually at the same time, we were guaranteed that the screen would have a delay in turning on, or sometimes not turn on at all.

During this entire time the power to the car didn't seem right. The pick-up was off. When we brought the car in for service and they gave us a loaner, it felt very different as far as the power, pick-up, etc. It was a smoother ride too. We mentioned this to service and they brought the car in and inspected the vehicle, ran numerous tests on it and told us there was nothing wrong.

Somewhere in the middle of all this the air condition completely shut down and had to be replaced. I do non think this was relevant to the rest of the issues, but I don't know for sure.

Soon thereafter, the Navigation Screen began to turn off in the middle of my drives, rather than just the delay at start-up. When this happened, all the power to the car was gone. I would step all the way down on the gas and at most would go 5 MPH. That was scary especially when it happened on the freeway.

That was when we finally called Infiniti and asked for a repurchase. This procedure was fairly smooth overall with the exception of Infiniti's decision of why they were repurchasing the vehicle. They wanted to base it on a comfort issue, the air conditioning breaking. That was completely fixed and had no other issues. For some reason, they did not want to base it on the reason I requested the repurchase, the safety issue of the car loosing power. Eventually, they saw it for what they should have in the first place. The safety issue.

Still I do not know what caused these issues, maybe the main board. But I was happy to turn it in.

However, that did not stop me from getting another Infiniti QX60. I really love the car and we have not had any issues with the new one at all. I do have to add that although we have a fully loaded car with all the packages and the Deluxe Touring Package that comes with the 20" wheels, after having them on the JX35, we begged the dealer to change them back to the 18" wheels. It was a deal breaker for us for the new QX60, and they did. The 18" wheels are a much smoother ride. With the 20" wheels, we felt every bump in the road. I am much happier with the 18" wheels.
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I think your previous car was haunted by poltergeist. Glad things are working out for you. Keep us posted on how the new car is working out for you.
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