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Clicking noise from dashboard when rear wiper in use

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2014 QX 60, does anyone else hear a soft clicking sound from the instrument cluster area when their rear wiper is on? Seems like the only time I hear the noise is when the rear wiper is in use.
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Never heard this when I took one for a test drive, have you called or stopped by your Infiniti dealer to talk about it?
Haven't talked to the dealer yet, I was just curious if this was normal. I'll ask them about it when it goes in for the airbag recall.
Yes I heard this too, please let me know what you find out.
I've heard the sound and believe it is the relay as mentioned above.
I've heard the sound and believe it is the relay as mentioned above.
What do you mean the relay? I swear I heard that noise yesterday when I had my front wipers on delay mode. I brushed it off thinking I was insane but maybe I was right?
The only thing I hear when the wipers are working is a very soft clicking noise below the dash which corresponds to the wipers. To me it does sound like an electronic relay or message node. Just to be safe, you should let your service department hear it the next time your at the dealership. If its something abnormal, please post your findings.
Yes, I hear the noise and it's a relay. Relay is an electrical component. I'll let you 'google' it :).
I have a new 2016 QX60, and just noticed this clicking noise without wipers on. Seems to be coming from passenger side front dashboard. I will test further but I believe it may be appearing with on and off application of the brakes? I'll contact my dealer too. Might be related to the accident prevention systems?
Does it sound like the clicking in this video:

No, not like this video. I think I have narrowed it down: it sounds like a clicking relay type sound, when applying and stepping off the brake pedal. Going to Dealer this morning to check it out.
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