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Cargo protector

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What is the difference between the cargo protector for automatic seats and manual seats. Is I only the cut out for the headrest straps?
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Not the headrests. The cutout is for the straps to lift the seats up once dropped down, in the hybrid, since there is no electric lift for the seats due to the battery being where the motor would be.

The cutout is on the bottom where the strap velcros flush against the seat. You can see mine in this thread here:

Or here are the pics:

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I don't know for sure since I only own a hybrid but I can't see there being any other differences off hand. Maybe on the one for a V6 it goes up a little higher where the straps hangs from, since the strap is not there? Even with that, I don't see the difference that huge IMO. But if they sent you the wrong ones, why not on their dime have them take them back and send you the proper ones?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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