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I hope this is the right place to put this conversation. If not, moderators please move it or let me know the right board and I'll move it.

I wanted to discuss a couple of things that were bugging me and ask your input as to whether my local dealer is just crappy, or if this is expected behavior everywhere.

I was looking at the Illuminated Kick Plates for my car (part # 999G6RZ120)
If you go directly to Infiniti Parts Store, it says the MSRP is $350.00
If I go through my dealer's website to their Parts Center, it's the same website but showing the local dealer stock, and it says MSRP $350.00 and Online Price $350.00
When I called my sales consultant to ask about it, he got the price from the "shop foreman" who told him it would be $489.99 for the part

Yesterday I needed to buy the QX60 lettering/emblem for the rear panel.
Infiniti Parts Store says MSRP is $45.xx
My dealer's website Part Center says MSRP is $45.xx and Online Price is $45.xx (same price)
I called the Parts Department and this time mentioned I saw it on their site at $45.xx and wanted to pick one up today. Guy said OK. When I get there, I mention how I was glad they didn't charge me a higher price because of the experience above with the kick plates. He tells me "actually, the price here is $75.xx but since you told me you had the website price I had to give it to you, so I'm essentially giving the part out for free."

So, here's where I have my issue.

They advertise on their page that they have the lowest prices on OEM parts. Yet their prices on the website are 100% of the MSRP, and at the dealer are marked up ridiculously beyond MSRP. How do they get away with that? The Parts guy told me that "when you buy it on the website, Infiniti pays the dealer on the back end, but if you buy it here they don't, so I can't give you the online price or we make no profit."

But that makes no every other industry (I did sales for 1.5 years at one point) the MSRP is the price the manufacturer thinks retailers should sell the product at, and that includes profit margin already. Rarely, if ever, have I seen a retailer sell beyond MSRP - because why would anyone pay more than the manufacturer says their product is worth?

So I get the feeling my dealer's part department is out to rob their customers, and I should look for a different dealer (sadly, they're by far the closest). Or am I missing something that is particular to the auto dealer/parts section of sales that explains all this?

For comparison, Sinecure's dealer sells the kick plates online for $306.25 and the emblem for $31.41 - and I'm sure they're not losing money with every sale.

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Makes no sense to me either. But I've gotten similarly gobble-de-**** explanations like yours.

Anyway, apropos of this:

I try not to spam the board, but this is kinda cool. I just bumped into our new parts manager. He's running a sweet discount on parts ordered through our eStore. You can have them shipped anywhere. 25% off orders over $300 and 15% off orders $100-300. He hasn't announced an expiration date.

Use coupon code ESTORE2017

Link to our parts web site.

Heads up: right now they're fixing a problem. Your email confirmation will contain the full list price. But you'll only be charged what's shown on the order screen (discounted amount). They should get that fixed soon.
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