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Cadillac SRX vs Infiniti QX60: Design Comparison

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Compare designs of both the Cadillac SRX & Infiniti QX60 in this thread

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I'll take the Infiniti any day over the Cadillac.
I never even considered the SRX but I do generally like the design of Cadillacs. It retails for $37,330 which makes the price compete with the QX60. I haven't seen this Cadillac in any comparison tests.
Look at Consumer Reports, Edmonds and Kelly Blue Book for history on Cadillac products and compare them to Infiniti.
the problem with the SRX is that it's design is so simple and so much like older GM vehicles that even the 2013 SRX looks older than it actually is and it's quite boring. If they can make the SRX look more like an Escalade, than maybe it will look better.
New SRX's make a serious statement unlike the older SRX's that just seemed like a lifted wagon. I think now it's a true SUV unlike it's predecessor.
Moving onto the interior, who do you guys think does a better job at interior design and layout? Infiniti or Cadillac? Interior on the new 2013 SRX looks great to me:

Cadillac SRX interior:
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The interior does look nice. But the mpg doesn't compete with the QX60.

17 City
19 Combined
24 Highway

14 Combined
18 Highway

16 City
18 Combined
23 Highway

12 City
14 Combined
17 Highway
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Cadillac's like this are always known to be gas guzzlers. At least when it comes to the QX60, you can get a hybrid model for just a few thousand more which can actually save you money over time
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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