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Buying New 2022/2023 QX60? What to look for before leaving dealership.

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I’d love to get your feedback on 2022/2023 issues, concerns or in general what to inspect before leaving the dealership. Here are a few comments from other threads:

  • Confirm no hard tranny shifting between 1st and 2nd gears (ITB22026, ITB22-026)
  • Confirm the shifter does not pop into neutral while driving
  • Check the battery for lose post/terminal connection

Center Console
  • Check center console screen works (blank screen)
  • Check OK button on the center console control knob working
  • Confirm center screen not black when shifting into reverse
  • Confirm CarPlay music does not have static
  • Confirm FM Radio and volume knob work
  • Confirm Map-routing instruction volume and radio volume are separate and adjustable

  • Confirm 3rd row USB/electrical has power
  • Check steering volume knob works
  • InTouch Services - Check POI search working while online (communication to the center has failed)
  • Check front driver and passenger heated seats work
  • Ensure no clicking/popping from front speakers
  • Confirm radio presets hold station (do not lose station/forget)
  • Check Bose Center Point speaker
  • Check right front dash-speaker vent is glued down

  • Check front center climate controls are responsive
  • Confirm rear climate controls blow warm air (in the rear)
  • Confirm rear climate controls automatically adjusts fan speed (when in auto mode)
  • Conform front climate control panel lights up when headlights are on

  • Check door weatherstripping is not torn
  • Check door lock button on exterior doors
  • Check driver side mirror, to confirm no shaking while driving
  • Check passenger side mirror
  • Check Keyless fob functionality, Locks/unlocks as expected
  • Check both (2) remotes

Any other comments or thoughts?
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you made a great contribution to the community with this list. Thank you.

Are you trading in your previous vehicle at the infinity dealer?
I would be interesting to know how that worked out.
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