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Buying New 2022/2023 QX60? What to look for before leaving dealership.

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I’d love to get your feedback on 2022/2023 issues, concerns or in general what to inspect before leaving the dealership. Here are a few comments from other threads:

  • Confirm no hard tranny shifting between 1st and 2nd gears (ITB22026, ITB22-026)
  • Confirm the shifter does not pop into neutral while driving
  • Check the battery for lose post/terminal connection

Center Console
  • Check center console screen works (blank screen)
  • Check OK button on the center console control knob working
  • Confirm center screen not black when shifting into reverse
  • Confirm CarPlay music does not have static
  • Confirm FM Radio and volume knob work
  • Confirm Map-routing instruction volume and radio volume are separate and adjustable

  • Confirm 3rd row USB/electrical has power
  • Check steering volume knob works
  • InTouch Services - Check POI search working while online (communication to the center has failed)
  • Check front driver and passenger heated seats work
  • Ensure no clicking/popping from front speakers
  • Confirm radio presets hold station (do not lose station/forget)
  • Check Bose Center Point speaker
  • Check right front dash-speaker vent is glued down

  • Check front center climate controls are responsive
  • Confirm rear climate controls blow warm air (in the rear)
  • Confirm rear climate controls automatically adjusts fan speed (when in auto mode)
  • Conform front climate control panel lights up when headlights are on

  • Check door weatherstripping is not torn
  • Check door lock button on exterior doors
  • Check driver side mirror, to confirm no shaking while driving
  • Check passenger side mirror
  • Check Keyless fob functionality, Locks/unlocks as expected
  • Check both (2) remotes

Any other comments or thoughts?
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After our experience with our 2023 QX60 Sensory, I will never purchase another Nissan/Infiniti product again.

Purchased the car on the 9/29/2022 and I just scheduled the 4th service appointment for the vehicle.

While the vehicle was on the showroom floor, we noticed the OK button on the center console control knob didn't work. No big deal, had it written in the deal to get it fixed. Additionally noticed there was torn weather stripping and had it written in there too.

Took it in to get fixed and all was well until my wife noticed a couple days later that the heated seats in the front didn't work at all. I also had a random one-time issue with the center climate controls being completely unresponsive and the screen going completely black when shifting into reverse.

I scheduled a service appointment and took it in.

I received a brand new 2022 QX50 with less than 1,000 miles on it as a loaner and weirdly enough noticed the button on the exterior rear passenger door handle to lock the doors did not work.

4 days later the issue was "resolved" and I picked up the QX60. I drove it home that night and noticed that the seats were sporadic. When on, you couldn't even tell I'd they were heated or not. I'd toggle off/on and it would randomly get extremely hot, or sometimes it'd be on high and produce no heat at all. I also noticed that the rear climate control now didn't work at all either.

Additionally, my wife noticed the driver side mirror shakes excessively while in motion. No joke, she almost got into an accident driving in the dark of night because the headlights of the cars behind her were indistinguishable from one another due to the vibration.

Took the vehicle in for the 3rd time and was informed the mirror was "working as designed" and that the shaking is "normal" on the 2023 model.

They were able to resolve the rear climate control issues, but the mirror issue and heated seats issue still linger.

I opened a case with Infiniti to pursue a re-purchase of the vehicle as there have been 26 days that the car has either been in for service (12 days) or a service appointment has been scheduled (14 days and will grow to 21 by the time I am able to get it back in). Infiniti Consumer Affairs has been extremely unresponsive and unhelpful. The sales manager of the dealership has been extremely unhelpful, only pointing his finger at Infiniti.

I'd like to chalk this up to being a lemon, but the fact that I experienced an issue with a brand new loaner makes me believe this is truly a quality control issue with Infiniti.

I will never purchase another Nissan/Infiniti product again and could never suggest anyone else do either.
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Thanks for your post regarding the issues you have with your car. I hope you can get them resolved and that Infiniti would buy the vehicle back from you. I am guessing you need a good Lemon Law attorney. Make sure to keep all receipts. I was thinking of purchasing a new QX60 and now I have second thoughts. I will continue to browse the forums. Good luck to you.
Thanks. Didn’t need a lemon law attorney thankfully as Nissan Consumer Affairs re-purchased the vehicle. Still waiting on them to arrange the surrender of the vehicle.

We had a brand new 2023 QX60 as a loaner during our last repair attempt for the heated seats (30 days in duration.) During that time, the HVAC stopped working during a long drive. We had to pull over on the PA Turnpike to turn the vehicle off and back on again just to get heat. Another time, the volume just kept going to max until the car was rebooted.

When we got the car back with the new heated seat elements, it took me just 20 minutes to find out they weren’t working correctly. About 20 minutes into the drive you couldn’t tell if the heated seats were on or off, even though the indicator was on full. When I got out of the car they were cold as ice. On the next drive, the seat got hot to the point where it was literally burning me, then never got hot again. This was all after their 3rd attempt to fix the issue and that attempt took 30 days. In talking to the service advisor, they had two others in for the same issue, so I know I’m not alone. Additionally since getting it back, I had the HVAC stop working again, but this time in our car… in 5 degree weather.

I truly can’t imagine that I was unlucky and had a lemon. I’m convinced all the 2023 QX60s are lemons due to Nissan’s terrible quality control. As a result of this, I am taking the check and running.

I cannot ever in good faith recommend this vehicle to anyone and as a result will never purchase another Nissan/Infiniti.
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