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Buying New 2022/2023 QX60? What to look for before leaving dealership.

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I’d love to get your feedback on 2022/2023 issues, concerns or in general what to inspect before leaving the dealership. Here are a few comments from other threads:

  • Confirm no hard tranny shifting between 1st and 2nd gears (ITB22026, ITB22-026)
  • Confirm the shifter does not pop into neutral while driving
  • Check the battery for lose post/terminal connection

Center Console
  • Check center console screen works (blank screen)
  • Check OK button on the center console control knob working
  • Confirm center screen not black when shifting into reverse
  • Confirm CarPlay music does not have static
  • Confirm FM Radio and volume knob work
  • Confirm Map-routing instruction volume and radio volume are separate and adjustable

  • Confirm 3rd row USB/electrical has power
  • Check steering volume knob works
  • InTouch Services - Check POI search working while online (communication to the center has failed)
  • Check front driver and passenger heated seats work
  • Ensure no clicking/popping from front speakers
  • Confirm radio presets hold station (do not lose station/forget)
  • Check Bose Center Point speaker
  • Check right front dash-speaker vent is glued down

  • Check front center climate controls are responsive
  • Confirm rear climate controls blow warm air (in the rear)
  • Confirm rear climate controls automatically adjusts fan speed (when in auto mode)
  • Conform front climate control panel lights up when headlights are on

  • Check door weatherstripping is not torn
  • Check door lock button on exterior doors
  • Check driver side mirror, to confirm no shaking while driving
  • Check passenger side mirror
  • Check Keyless fob functionality, Locks/unlocks as expected
  • Check both (2) remotes

Any other comments or thoughts?
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I will never purchase another Nissan/Infiniti product again and could never suggest anyone else do either.
Wow, that’s a horrible experience. I would have assumed 2023’s had most kinks worked out, but since you’re still experiencing 2022 issues, I’m guessing not.

It’s my understanding Lemon Laws kick when a dealership is unable fix a specific-issue more than 3 times. If you feel this is true, then print the Lemon Law, bring your service paperwork that specifically points to the unrepairable issue, then talk to the GM. The law is on your side.

Unfortunately I’ve had a poor experience with Infiniti Consumer Affairs over an unrelated experience. I see them as more of a CYA for the manufacture rather than being on your side.

I added your points to the master list above, thanks again for your feedback.
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just got a 2023 qx60,
third row personal light cannot be turned off with push on/off button.

is this just me or everybody?

also, when I drive on highway, car shakes left to right slightly , I can feel the car move left to right. (steering wheel) doesn't shake. and it's not related to assists .

is this normal?

No, none of that is normal. Make sure you can reproduce the left/right shakes, return to the dealer, then show them.
Picking up my 2023 later this week. I'll use this list to ensure everything is working before leaving the dealership and will update (the list) if I missed anything.
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you made a great contribution to the community with this list. Thank you.

Are you trading in your previous vehicle at the infinity dealer?
I would be interesting to know how that worked out.
I'm keeping the JX35 (only has 153k, hopefully many miles left) and selling my M35, so we will be a two-SUV household.

I have the checklist all ready to go, just waiting for the final call from our local dealership. I'm hoping they're working to solve quality issues. I have to admit the vocal quality concerns expressed on this site have made me think twice.
which brand of tires comes with qx60 2023 ?

P255/60R18 for Pure
P255/50R20 for Lux, Sensory and Autograph
Thanks! do you also know which brand of tireqx60 uses?
..I called BS and asked that they send me the statute for my state. I purchased the car on Friday, January 13…
Kawashin1, I don’t recommend asking consumer affairs/dealership to help build a case. They will do everything in their power to do nothing and/or avoid helping you.

You really need to pull lemon law details yourself (or with the help of a lawyer), review the specifics, then present to the dealer black/white specific where they broke the law. Having worked with Infiniti’s Consumer Affairs in the past, you should see them more of a middle man, passing messages to the dealership. They won’t go to the mat for you.

I hope you get this resolved quickly.

Here is an example easy guide from Texas DMV Linky
Picked up a new 2023 QX60 and used the above checklist. I made a few modifications (added to the above list), but it was very helpful. Thanks for everyone's feedback.

BTW, no issues. Fingers crossed it's as reliable as my JX35.

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I just got my car 5 days ago, rear climate control(Heater) issues, the car doesn't heat the rear and keeps blowing strong and noisy cold air no matter what setting/temperature I use. Please add the rear AC/Heat check to your list. I took it to the dealer and they don't know what's going on with it, they say it's normal to blow cold air in winter! After some back and forth they agreed to have a Nissan/Infiniti engineer come to the dealership to have a look, I am yet to receive a confirmed appointment with him, lets see hope they won't forget me. They promised to call back with the appointment details.
Updated... thanks for the recommendations. I've also added a few additional notes about the climate control button lighting up when the headlights are on.
Do you live in a cold state? Do you have the rear heating issues I am having? Does your rear heat warm up and adjust fan speed for the rear on a cold day( temp set to 72-75)?
Texas, so it gets cold for me ~30 degrees in Feb, but the rear fan heats cool, heat and automatically adjust fan speed. I had to make sure “Rear Control” was lit orange and the “AUTO” button was lit up/filled in (in the center of the temp knob) for the fan speed to automatically adjust. It’s a little cumbersome making all those adjustments while cruising down the street.

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According to Google, the QX60 is the only Infiniti made in the USA... Not sure what might be going on in the TN plant...
That's right, the Symrna plant only produces one Infiniti vehicle, the QX60 and a few Nissan vehicles:
  • Nissan Maxima (2003-present)
  • Nissan Pathfinder (2005-present)
  • Nissan Leaf (2013-present)
  • Infiniti QX60 (2014-present)
  • Nissan Rogue (2014-present)
  • Nissan Murano (2020-present)
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