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Buyer Beware: Tow Hitch CANNOT Be Installed on 2022 QX60 Autograph FWD

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Apologies for the length, but hope this helps prevent someone else from getting an SUV that can't do "utilty" things. (Skip to last paragraph is you want bottom line.)

I bought a 2022 Autograph FWD in December. It didn't come with a tow hitch - the car is gorgeous and I was lucky to get one so I just planned to get a hitch installed later (which I've done with other cars - easy.).
But no...
Starting in January I called my dealership to order a hitch, only to be told that they didn't have any that are compatible with the new Autographs. He said it was because the model is so new but Infiniti would have one, give it a few months. I accepted that.

I call back in March. This time I was told they still didn't have one so try after-market hitch shop. I took it to two hitch shops - both said that there was no hitch available as it would interfere with the Motion Activated Lift Gate (a standard feature on the Autograph), and they said they couldn't fabricate one as there seemed no where it could be installed without cutting into the frame.

I called 6 more INFINITI dealerships - all either said nothing was available yet or it's just not possible to install any hitch due to the motion lift gate. They all agreed that it's very strange that INFINITI made a SUV that cannot have a hitch installed (seems a big engineering error). To note: the Autograph FWD is advertised as having a 3500# tow capacity, and hitch-mounted accessories are available on the FWD build site!).

Two dealerships contacted the regional field engineers and confirmed "no hitch can be installed." They said the motion lift gate cannot be disabled because that would impact the entire computer system, would cause a warning light on all the time, and could impact safety features. My dealer said there's no work around as of yet, most likely INFINITI will have to get more complaints about this.

So, I now own a very expensive SUV that cannot have a hitch. I use a hitch for my bike rack, utility trailer and a travel trailer. I would have never bought this car knowing it could not have a hitch installed.

I have a case going with Consumer Affairs. So far they've rejected my request to buy it back and do not feel that the advertising is misleading.

In short: INFINITI has confirmed several times that the Autograph Front Wheel Drive trim cannot have a hitch installed. If you use a tow hitch DO NOT get the FWD; get the AWD or a different trim that doesn't have the motion activated lift gate.
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INFINITI has confirmed several times that the Autograph Front Wheel Drive trim cannot have a hitch installed. If you use a tow hitch DO NOT get the FWD; get the AWD or a different trim that doesn't have the motion activated lift gate.
I don't think that motion activated lift gate is a problem because Autograph/Sensory AWD has motion activated lift gate but towing package can be installed on factory. Problem is FWD.
Per the INFINITI field engineers (and the spec diagrams they've provided), the problem is where the motion activated lift gate is located on the FWD Autograph. The AWD has a different configuration that integrates the tow hitch and the liftgate. The other trims that are FWD can have a hitch installed as long as the buyer hasn't added motion activated lift gate option. Unfortunately, in the Autograph that lift gate is standard.
Hands free sensors are the same for AWD/FWD
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Bumper

But lower bumper cover is different for models with towing package and without. I am not sure that it is possible to install original towing hitch not at the factory
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Biggest problem that officially you can't install tow-hitch even on qx60 Autograph AWD because of motion sensor. But I don't understand why because factory tow package works fine with motion sensor and service manual has no any specific changes about it. And technically, the motion sensor is only 2 wires / antennas laid along the bumper and the maximum that is required is reconfiguring the motion sensor ECU
Does Sensory AWD have the same issue? I had called one dealer previously, he told need to replace the rear bumper.
To install tow hitch you have to install Tow Hitch Finisher ( 2022 Infiniti QX60 Tow Hitch Finisher - T99T5-6SA60 - Genuine Infiniti Accessory ) but it is "NOT AVAILABLE ON VEHICLES WITH MOTION ACTIVATED LIFTGATE" . But it is weird because you can install tow hitch with motion activated liftgate from factory.
@raygolden58 @ddv2005
You guys are finding the same "incompatible" stuff I did a few months ago. It's maddening. They have parts but they can't be used with "motion activated lift gate" - which is a STANDARD feature on the Autograph. But at the same time, the INFINITI build site for the Autograph FWD (specifically!) provides towing capacity specs (3,500#) AND sells hitch-mounted accessories - which of course implies that there must be a compatible hitch. (Though, I did have an inane conversation with one Consumer Affairs rep who suggested, "Maybe you can tow with something else, not use a hitch." WHAAAT?!?!)
Because Autograph AWD with tow hitch exists then tow hitch finisher compatible with motion activated liftgate should exist too. There are two possibilities: it is exist but not discovered yet or the same tow hitch finisher compatible with motion activated liftgate too. Just ask a bodyshop how he will repair rear bumper with tow hitch after accident...what parts required to repair.
I suppose that cable is for connection of the motion activaed sensor but I can't find the sensor, only cable, looks like that cable is the motion activaed sensor. I move that cable to clip of next one(there are 2 parallel cables) and Uhal technician installed the hitch.
Yes motion activated sensor is just a 2 wires (2 antennas)
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